Well Prestige Sdn Bhd (WPSB) was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company on 14 feb 1998. We are specialises all range of LV products used by the local power industry, Telecom, Malaysia Airport Berhad (MAHB) Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (SPNB) and Indah Water Consortium (IWK) Our main activities of the company involved in Engineering. Its will be major on Electrical Power followed by Mechanical, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas and Water works. The strength of WPSB lies on the experienced staffs that have been involved in various natures of businesses. This energy is now harnessed and combined to participate in the nation’s development via all Corporate Giant company in respective their fields and follow current or future technology enhanced. in the manufacturing process, we develop fuses range from 32Amp to 250Amp. We are also the sole agent for Jean Muller Germany for all kind of fuses and products. the company commits to market, develop and manufacture products used by the local power industry which is currently imported. Imported products, especially from the EU countries and the USA are known for their quality – however, are much more expensive if compared to the locals. Manufacturing locally will help contribute to the economic wealth of the country while reducing the outflows to those overseas countries. WPSB therefore dedicates itself to supply and produce quality products similar or better than the current products available in the market at competitive price. The Company take pride in manufacturing locally key technological products without neglecting quality and reliability, which is comparable or even better than imported products. Knowing the capability of our workforce, the company strive to penetrate the overseas market, which will eventually contribute to the economic wealth of our country. Our workforce is continuously researching and developing new products and technologies, making us relevant to the future of the industries. We push ourselves to deliver the best, value added quality products for the benefits of the customers. We commit to develop continuous innovative products solution for the energy industry.


- To equip every staff with knowledge according to their respective field and perform a good service directly to customer’s. Technical know how is the utmost priority for technical people to handle all products and presentation.

- To be a total service provider to our valued customer’s, using the right experience and capabilities. Also to provide full commitment and keep abreast of trends to boost the growth in the Engineering basis or new business ventures in the future.

- To be a creative and an innovative organization that practices prudent resource management and will maintain the quality service offered and also to hear very closely every feedback from client to be more reliable, up to date and give acceptable after sales service.

- To expand the products line to cater the demand for every sector company involvement and also extend all technical support and back up to selected company as a front line.


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